Wood.  Pop culture.  Minimalism.  These are the characteristics that help to define Nerd Wood Designs.  And it all began with a log.

Flipping through a catalog, I spied a cool looking stool that had been made from an old log, sanded down, painted and treated for the indoors.  $400 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?  I thought to myself “Hell, I could make that”.  And so I found the perfect specimen while on vacation in California, and that was the first step toward this new found passion.

What started out as a hobby quickly turned into something much more, as I found myself fascinated by the idea of integrating my pop culture interests into a growing woodworking interest.

All painted prints have been created using hand made wood “canvases” which can range from assembled backs and frames to solid blocks of wood to reclaimed pallets.   Each piece is, once again, unique and hand made and embodies my love of video games, movies and pop culture.

Raw wood found in various locations around the southwest have been lovingly turned into functional works of art.  Whether for casual seating, rustic night stands, game board tables, or just room accents, every piece is uniquely upcycled directly from nature.  Effort is often made to preserve the elements of the naturally ocurring wood grains, cracking, critter trails, and weathering.

The art I make tend to always pieces that I would personally put up in my home (and I have!).  To me, I want to love each piece enough to own myself, so unless I’m doing a custom piece, it lives in my home until I find a good owner for it.

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