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Dad spank son


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The rule is to not do it while your mad (because you could go overboard) and to make sure you explain why they are getting a spanking. Not content that james has received sufficient punishment dad sends the unlucky lad off to get the slipper from the cupboard. Kneeling on his sisters bed dad brings down the slipper hard on his bare bum. Dad is nearly ready.


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Father and son

Dad spank son. You are commenting using your facebook account. But if it happens, it must be with an open hand, and be accompanied with lots of talking,” he added. She thinks dad is doing a good job. By the time of the advocacy center interview, the boy’s alleged injuries had healed. Ask most people in jails today if they were whipped as a child. Dad clutches the hairbrush tightly.


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Spanking is not a beating learn that you do something wrong you will pay with a a sore butt. We are a nation of laws without common sense or compassion.

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