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Do asians grow facial hair

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Im an asian male and i have major beard envy

Generally, having beard is not that common in china. You and i know that this is far from the norm in china. The uneasy relationship that many asian men have with facial hair is well-documented. There’s plenty of anecdotes which explain how east asians can grow full beards, but for the purposes of this post, i think we can agree that fewer asians can grow them than, say, caucasians.

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Do asians grow facial hair. Reported that women found men with ten-day “heavy” stubble most attractive and masculine. The 1/8 european must be some southerner (italy, spain, greece. I went to school with a guy who shaved his heas from 10th grade on because his hairline was so gar back. This is why, on average, an east asian will have less facial and body hair (males) than europeans, indians, middle easterners, etc. However, starting from the late qing period, growing a moustache or beard has fallen out of popularity, as a passion of westernization engulf the nation. The men in the study ranked full beards at the top of the food chain, and the aforementioned ten-day beardos right after.


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Asian means oriental to most of the western world except great britain b/c they’re trying to obfuscate muslim problems. South asian is usually used for brown asians.

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