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Erotic fiirst physical exam stories


The doctor is in (and will see you now)

Sometimes i like to be tied down, spanked, flogged and tortured. A nurse enjoys her time with an obedient patient. This was the worst. Jeremy slowly unbuttoned his shirt revealing a smooth tanned chest. He winced and said, “do it”. After what seemed to be half an hour i was startled by an asian man in scrubs and a white lab coat. Help me out by finding some hot doc pics for this and the next post.

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Monday, september 04, 2006

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Erotic fiirst physical exam stories. The doctor swung around in her chair, eyeballed him and asked him straightforwardly if he was ready for his prostate exam. She continued to be thorough and professional as she did the hernia check and then gently squeezed the base of my shaft. My gown was tented by my erection and a small wet spot had formed on the gown next to the tip of my cock. College athlete recruited into cfnm program by nurses. He didn’t really seem to pay attention to my answer.

Saturday, may 20, 2006

Without complaint this time, he did as i said and i shined his desk lamp on his penis. Fingers grabbing her nipples hard, one snapping her nipple with his fingernail, igniting a sharp pain that radiated from her nipple up her spine.

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