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Guy chopping his dick off


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To receive immediate attention. Holy crap, i can’t believe what i just did to my dick” face: Welp, this boxer is definitely using his hands for, uh, interesting purposes. The events reportedly occurred in the irving park community in northwest chicago, just north of the logan square neighbourhood. Although the death was not treated as suspicious at first, the post mortem results forced police to reconsider their investigation. The alleged incident happened in the village of nikolsk, in the urals region on bashkortostan.


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Guy chopping his dick off. Deciding to strangle kovalenko to death, the man ‘took the body to the forest and buried her there’. The college released a brief statement confirming he had indeed injured himself and was taken to hospital. Johnson says his relationships with women were in his thoughts in the moments before he did it. The whole episode was just surreal actually. And the mistress? she says she wants to marry lumpless lung as soon as possible. After a heated row on the telephone with his girlfriend.

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Shock drug death

However they warned that it had been badly damaged and that it might not be possible to save it. The autopsy revealed he had completely severed his genitals, with a doctor giving the cause of death as haemorrhage in combination with an attempt to amputate his right hand. The college could not confirm why he decided to hurt himself.

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