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So we all win. The contents of the site service (clips4sale, videos4sale, images4sale) are intent for the personal non commercial use of its users. All models on this site are 18 or older. Man repeats entire process from the beginning. I rejoined the party and continued to have a nice time.

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Hairbrush spank clip. Well, in addition to my very real contrition, you get to enjoy my *very expressive spanking face* and see my bottom get nicely reddened. That thing just feels like little lightning strikes. I had a lot of fun frolicking around, and on the way, we saw a whole troop of adorable young elk. Brandishing a hairbrush during the pre-spanking rituals will also elevate the sweet tension, as will tapping the business end lightly on his backside once you have him across your lap.

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We had an epic school roleplay complete with a gaggle of naughty school girls in uniform, desks, teachers, classes and report cards. I had a great time while i was there. The #1 downloadable clip site on the web.

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