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Oral sex pasitions

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Oral sex positions

I carefully crawled up the bed and rested one knee above each of his shoulders, lowering myself down to give him access. Do you bend it down to get it that position? This man was not a quitter. Unless “mediocre” is the kind of sex you want to be having, it’s important to keep mixing things up, trying things out and approaching things.


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Basic oral sex positions

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Oral sex pasitions. Receiving oral sex is about as easy as it gets, but this position makes it easier on your partner too. Straddle your partner, facing them. 2: trust me, your partner is still exerting a lot of energy and focus while this is happening. The freedom to do as she likes is total here, she can decide speed, angle, duration and many more, she is dominating you here. I thanked the god i don’t believe in (as well as my partner) and remember having one of the best night’s sleep i’ve ever had after that.

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The sidecar

As much as it pains me to admit, i get it. You can control the placement of his tongue, enhance the speed, adjust the pressure, all without saying a word. Am really looking forward to read more because i intend to increase the passion in my marriage.

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