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Public virginity exam

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Statement on virginity testing - sciencedirect

The vagina is a dynamic muscular canal that varies in size and shape depending on individual, developmental stage, physical position, and various hormonal factors such as sexual arousal and stress [. The so-called virginity tests and the circumstances they are carried out in often lead to severe. That indonesia female police candidates were required to take the test. In a study of virginity testing in palestine, focus group discussions revealed that women who underwent virginity testing were:


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Public virginity exam. Data were extracted using predesigned data extraction forms. Hymens often break during daily non-sexual activities, and some hymens remain intact after sexual intercourse. Some women are reported to have undergone multiple tests. The indrekars, however, feel these rules are just a cover for the panchayat to extort money from community members: every marriage must be approved by the panchayat, for which they demand a token fee between rs 10,000-20,000. Two gynecologists inspected the hymens of a cohort of 28 self-declared virgins. The group assesses whether, based on the effects, forcibly conducted virginity examinations constitute cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or torture.



The independent forensic expert group (ifeg) – thirty-five preeminent independent forensic experts from eighteen countries specialized in evaluating and documenting the physical and psychological effects of torture and ill-treatment – released a statement on the practice in december 2014. Normally, a medical certificate from a chief medical officer of a government hospital is considered adequate.

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