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She licked my asshole

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We asked guys what its like eating ass and i cant believe some of these responses

He picked me up after school and took me to our usual motel. I pulled out of her pussy, and as she held her butt open with her hands, i lined the tip of my dick up with that perfect little crinkled hole and started pushing my way in. After a few of the most delicious strokes of my life, i was ready to cum, so i asked emily, “ok, are you ready em?” all she could reply with was, “fuck my ass eric!”. Wow, his reaction told me he really liked that so i got out the hand lotion and rubbed him around and finally got my finger inside him. Basically, just be mindful of what could be transferred when you’re going from ass to vag.


Girl licked my assCan i get hiv from having my anus licked?

Guess which rapper this girl cheated on her boyfriend with!

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She licked my asshole. First time i had been to india alone and looking for someone to become my bed partner hence i contacted with an agency who. She likes to smell my asshole, kiss it, lick it. Ready to feel her warm tongue back on my asshole, i was surprised when she licked me again and it felt a bit cooler than before. The man who introduced it to me first touched me back there as part of foreplay. Emily was pounding the carpet with her fists in pleasure. I looked at her and said, “probably about as sexy as it is to hear you say it.

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She looked down and asked, “you like it?” when i nodded she brought her hands to her cunt and started sliding them up and down. Once you get over the initial little hang-up that our western society might interpret it as a bit gay-ish it’s all good.

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