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Smells like teen spir

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Nirvana it! chart history | billboard

What struck cooke was the challenge implicit in dylan’s anthem. Forty-five years later, they still give sweet release. Remains one of the reggae legend’s most beloved performances. Aided by a full orchestra (as well as a young. Dj to seek out an imported copy of the single, it quickly became a hit on the few american stations that managed to score a copy.


It | mtvNirvana - it on a single string

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Smells like teen spir. When ted demme started as a production assistant at mtv in the mid-1980s, he pestered his bosses about the lack of black artists on the growing network. So that makes you start thinking about evil. Nirvana made light of the similarity during their 1992 reading festival appearance. Page said the song “crystallized the essence of the band. It is one of the unforgettable opening riffs in rock: a ferocious, stomping guitar march, scarred with fuzz and built around the dissonant “devil’s interval” of the tritone.

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And it was totally disorganized, totally punk. Didn’t use the soft-quiet verses/loud-hard chorus dynamic, but the 1990 single “sliver” did. It was music you listened to while you were preparing to go into battle.

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