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Thus, women’s sexual pleasure, as well as their willingness to engage in sexual behavior outside of the accepted social norms, is often marginalized, pathologized, ridiculed, or thought of as a product of childhood sexual abuse (abramson & pinkerton). In conclusion, the findings of this study are consistent with those of previous research on swinging that suggest that swingers have high marital and sexual satisfaction. Moreover, consistent, longitudinal data were lacking. In the following section the history of swinging in north america will be examined. As suggested by prior research, men that procure extra-marital activities are usually not satisfied with their marital relationships and are not happy sexually with their partners (glass & wright, 1985; rankin-esquer, burnett, baucom, & epstein, 1997; sprecher, 2002).


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Swinging affairs lifestyle. Will refer to romantic emotional involvement or sexual activity with a person other than the primary partner. Data were collected for a period of five weeks starting on february 26, 2008, and ending on march 30, 2008. Mr m, a businessman, said he was conned into signing the document, which he never read. In the united states, legal marriage is the prerequisite to an adult sexual lifestyle and is the context in which most sexual experiences are expected to occur (mosher, 1923/1980). Some individuals were self-employed; others worked in public organizations such as health facilities and educational institutions. Regret is the cancer of life. These early interpretations of obscenity included not only sexual terminology, but also any form of speech considered offensive to the established religion, such as blasphemy (talese, 1980).

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These findings were consistent with other research that showed marital satisfaction increases with age (guilford & bengston, 1979). The swingers appear to be willing to explore the realm of sexual possibilities outside their immediate relationship. After seven years, mrs m could no longer take it and divorced her husband.

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